The feline diet: meat-based. Milk is an unhealthy myth
2014. August 25. It is finicky, picky, headstrong and individual. Using food to ingratiate oneself with a cat is sometimes far from easy. Not only do you have to “hit the right taste buds”, you also need to make sure that their diet contains all nutrients.
The correct diet can improve your dog’s health by half
2015. January 04. Do you ever wonder at how much your dog can eat, given his weight? The reason is that the stomachs of dogs, as well as cats, are much bigger than the human stomach.
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Murphy’s Law
2014. August 27. If Murphy’s Law can be applied to our everyday life, this is what applies to everyday life with your pet.
Travelling abroad with a pet – can it work?
2014. December 15. It’s totally up to you whether you travel with your dog or cat or whether you leave it with your relatives, at a special hotel or with friends. But if you want to enjoy your trip with your pet here are a few tips.
Would you like to know what your pets can and can’t eat and what foods are hazardous to their health?
2014. December 14. What foods are toxic for cats and dogs? Foods that are common for humans are often very dangerous to your pet.
It’s good and I like it ...
2014. August 18. If you want to find out more about proper nutrition for your dog or cat, you simply need to go online and there you will find lots of sources and information. Here we will try to explain to you how dogs and cats taste food.
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